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What will you find in the pages of KNIFE WORLD Magazine?

Well, besides the usual features, you'll find the most in-depth, authoritative articles in the knife business. Here's a short sampling of previously published articles along with a few of the photographs published with them.

We will not be posting any current articles, only a few of those from selected backissues. If you're a KNIFE WORLD subscriber, you'll read the printed articles MONTHS before they are posted to the web. If you see something of interest here and want the full story, we'll be glad to look and see if we have that backissue in stock.

Enjoy -- many more to come!

"Knife World Turns Silver!" - a short history of KNIFE WORLD

Brief history of KNIFE WORLD magazine, from a 2002 article.

"The Kastor Family of Tang Stamps: From Kastor and Camillus to XLNT and Zenith" by Bryan Wyszkowski
"The Kastor Family of Tang Stamps: From Kastor and Camillus to XLNT and Zenith" by Bryan Wyszkowski

A look at the huge variety of tang stamps used by Adolph Kastor & Sons and their American factory, Camillus Cutlery Co., on their own knives as well as those produced on contract for other firms.

"Case Trappers" by Tony Foster

The well known Case knife authority reveals some of the mysteries behind these immensely popular collectibles.

"A Hundred Years of Safety Hunters" by Mark Zalesky

The story behind Marble's safety folding hunter, coupled with the most detailed study of variations ever published.

"Celluloid - A Firm Maybe" by Dennis Ellingsen

The collector's favorite or a ticking time bomb? Well, both. Here's the truth of the matter.

"The Randall Story" by Jim Williamson

The story of world-famous Randall Made Knives.

"That Feminine Touch - Lora Sue Bethke" by B. R. Hughes

A talented bladesmith working in the style of W.W. Scagel.

"Knives & Schools: Yesterday & Today" by Frank Trzaska

Times have changed. Today, carrying a knife on school property is grounds for expulsion. But back in WWII, one high school actually made knives for our fighting troops. Here's the story...

"Purina's Checkerboard Design" by Richard White

Purina Mills has a long tradition of using knives for promotional purposes. Today, many of these knives are hot collectibles!

"Vietnam, the Knives, and Buck USA" by Jim Camera

The compelling story of the author's experiences in Vietnam, and the knife that saved his life.

"Basic Knife Photography" by Mark Zalesky

An inexpensive approach to knife photography that has proven very useful to collectors, dealers, knifemakers... from the Dec. 2006 edition of KNIFE WORLD.

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