(July, 2006)


Superb new full-color book on Marbles Knives and Axes!


A new historical book on Case!



ˇ Highlights from the JULY and AUGUST issues of "KNIFE WORLD"

ˇ A few miscellaneous ramblings



ˇ " ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MARBLE'S KNIVES AND SPORTING COLLECTIBLES " ________________________________________________________

This much-anticipated book by Arni Dunathan has finally arrived!

Printed in beautiful full color, the title pretty well says it all... a complete encyclopedia of Marbles knives, axes, and related collectibles. Most of the coverage is dedicated to the products of the old Marbles, M.S.A. Co., and W.L. Marble eras, but there is also some coverage of the modern Marbles knives. The great photography will be appreciated by all, as will the current collector values.

A superb book, not just for dedicated Marbles collectors, but for everyone who appreciates the products of this legendary manufacturer of working tools for the outdoors.

Hardcover, 172 pp. $59.95


ˇ " IMAGES OF AMERICA - W.R. CASE & SONS CUTLERY COMPANY " ________________________________________________________

Here's something neat! Following on the heels of Brad Lockwood's fine history of the Case family is this attractive book filled with vintage photographs of the Case knife factories, employees, family members, etc., from the late 1800s to the present day. Well done and reasonably priced, this is a enjoyable little book for the nightstand or your favorite easy chair.

Softcover, 128 pp., $19.95


ˇ KNIFE BOOK NEWS ________________________________________________________

Unfortunately, we will NOT be carrying Bob Hunt's new book on Randall oddities that we've already described to you -- author and publisher have pulled a "switcharoo" and are now refusing to wholesale them to their reliable dealer friends like KNIFE WORLD until December, even though the books are now available.

So, effective immediately, we're closing out Mr. Hunt's other two Randall titles, and we won't be restocking them in the future. They're fine books, but... I suppose I've said enough already.

Our CLOSEOUT SPECIAL -- Just a few left, so act fast!




STANDARD GUIDE TO RAZORS, 2nd Ed. -- We're right down to the very last of these -- act right away if you want one. A new edition should come around sometime next year, but that's a long ways off...

*** GONE!

STANDARD KNIFE COLLECTORS GUIDE, 4th Ed. -- Has gone OUT OF PRINT. Look for a new edition in the fall, we'll have them as soon as they become available.


ˇ OUT OF PRINT BOOKS ________________________________________________

Many rare and useful books left from that large collection we purchased a couple months back, plus a few new purchases that won't stick around. A few examples:

...for pocket knife collectors: THE KNIFE MAKERS WHO WENT WEST THE OLD KNIFE BOOK KNIFE ALBUM NEW ENGLAND CUTLERY CASE - THE FIRST 100 YEARS and a BUNCH of classic price & identification guides by Sargent, Parker, Levine, Ferguson, Voyles et al... inexpensive, too!

...for you military knife buffs: BRITISH & COMMONWEALTH MILITARY KNIVES


...for custom knife nuts & knifemakers: *most* of the KNIVES 81-2006 series KNIVES & KNIFEMAKERS by Sid Latham

...for all of the above: THE BEST OF KNIFE WORLD Vol. II another 100 or so (we ARE the knife book people, after all!)

remember, ONLY ONE COPY of most of these, so act fast!

To view our complete list (with prices), visit:


ˇ KNIFE WORLD BOOKS ________________________________________________

KNIFE WORLD BOOKS has existed since 1977 simply because we have the best selection and service around. We know our knife books! If you're seeking out an elusive volume, or know what info you want but not which book it's in, we can help. And if you don't see the answer on our website, just email ( or call (865-397-1955). We're here to help!


Collectible Knives (two pages' worth!) Collectible Razors Military/Fighting Knives Bowie Knives Custom Knives Knives '81 - Knives 2006 annuals Knifemaking & How-to Knife Throwing Scrimshaw Knife Sharpening & Use Out of Print Books

ALL to be found at:


ˇ now in the mail - the JUNE 2006 issue of "KNIFE WORLD" ____________________________________________________________

August's KNIFE WORLD contains the following articles:

... "THE USN MARK II" by FRANK TRZASKA The DEFINITIVE article on the U.S. Navy's Mark II knife of WW II fame. Extensive coverage of evolution, variations, markings and more!

... "SWITCHBLADES FROM SHEFFIELD'S GOLDEN AGE" by DOUG GROWITZ An overview of English switchblade folding dirks and bowies of the 19th century -- rarely seen and exteremely desirable! A great contribution on an intriguing subject.

... "THE LOCKNIFE, PART II" by HARVEY REISBERG The followup to the author's 2005 article, with more information on this Missouri based manufacturer of unusual fixed blade knives and sheaths.

... "THE QUICK OPENING KNIFE" by BOB CAMPBELL A look at a very hot area, the field of assisted opening folders.

... "MAC THE BLADESMITH" by B.R. HUGHES A profile of Don MacIntosh, an up-and-coming Arkansas bladesmith with an unusual tie to the ABS' School of Bladesmithing.

... "FIELD TRIAL: IDAHO KNIFE WORKS L.F.K." by M. WILLSON OFFUTT An inexpensive handmade "Light Field Knife" from Idahoan Mike Mann gets the workout from our Field Trial man.

... KNIFE NEWS features an update on the status of the NATIONAL KNIFE MUSEUM, currently being constructed in Sevierville, TN. Also, Knifeware's new Shorty, and the 2006 CASE/BOSE collaboration Cotton Sampler (the one in the photo is the pearl prototype, and it is a real beauty!)

BERNARD LEVINE's WHUT IZZIT further investigates paper knives and related subjects, as well as a couple of interesting "Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod" knives, one of which has a Curley's patent file blade in it.

And what about ARTISTRY IN KNIVES, our handmade knife centerspread? This month features D'ALTON HOLDER, DOUG NOREN, GIL HIBBEN, STEVE DUNN, ED BRANDSEY, RICK EATON, ROBERT WEINSTOCK, GARY ROOT, and a cuttin' collaboration by master cuttin' competitors REGGIE BARKER & JOHN FITCH.

IRONS IN THE FIRE investigates the practical applications of improper cutlery pluralizations in the marketplace (or something like that), while LETTERS TO THE EDITOR offers some very interesting information on the uses of sunfish knives in the oil drilling industry (a GREAT letter!) You can see our exclusive CLUB CORNER for information on all the knife clubs across this country (plus a couple of foreign clubs for good measure). And don't forget the CLASSIFIEDS and the biggest knife related EVENTS CALENDAR in print.

(what about JULY? Sorry, I got a bit behind again!)

July's issue included:

... "YESTERDAY'S CASE KNIFE" by GARY MOORE An in-depth look at Case knives from Cattaraugus through the Tested era -- another super article from our friend in Georgia!

... "THE SABERTOOTH KNIFE - A CONDENSED HISTORY" by JEFFERSON SPIVEY, Jefferson is the Sabertooth's inventor, twice a cross-country horseman, and an all-around interesting fellow; and this article adds even more to the story Chuck Shipman contributed a few years back.

... "THE MILLER BROS. GRAVITY KNIFE" by yours truly A curious 19th century rarity, some made for military use, some self-defense!

... "THE KA-BAR / TDI COLLABORATION" by FRANK KARL Another interesting self-defense knife, well thought out by its designers.

... "THE MONTANA POWER CO. KNIFE" by FRANK TRZASKA One of the most interesting of all WWII shop-made knives - at least from a historical perspective! Here's the whole story...

... "MINT VS. EVERYTHING ELSE" by DAVID ANTHONY Some interesting thoughts on collecting the vintage rarities, for which "mint condition" may not even exist.

KNIFE WORLD truly is the ONLY publication covering the WORLD of KNIVES. We even offer a free trial so you can see for yourself!


ˇ MISCELLANEOUS RAMBLINGS ________________________________________________

Not so much happening in the way of shows this summer, but I sense a busy fall season is on the way. Maybe this is a good time to search eBay or just curl up with a knife book in air-conditioned comfort. The serious weekend warriors are probably out hitting the flea markets anyway, though... don't be surprised to see me there, I just can't stand to sit at home for too long!

Mark D. Zalesky Editor, KNIFE WORLD

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