Bladesmithing with Murray Carter
Modern Application of Traditional Techniques
by Murray Carter

An in-depth look into traditional Japanese cutlery forging techniques and their modern applications, with detailed explanations for both the curious reader and the bladesmith. Profusely illustrated in full color.

Reviewed by Knife World Staff

As many readers will know, Murray Carter is a Japanese-trained bladesmith with a reputation for turning out wicked-sharp working knives. Born in Canada, he learned traditional Japanese knifemaking during an 18-year stint in that country, moved to Oregon in 1998 and his business Carter Cutlery has grown by leaps and bounds ever since. Teaching is but one of his strong suits, and while he has produced several videos on sharpening and kitchen knife use, Bladesmithing With Murray Carter is his first book.

Subtitled “Modern Application of Traditional Techniques,” this book focuses on the making of relatively simple working knives, with a strong emphasis on traditional Japanese-style knives, materials, and equipment. Among the subjects covered are knife design, steels (particularly Japanese high carbon steels), forging and forge welding, lamination techniques, heat treating, straightening blades, blade grinding and finishing, silver soldering, and attaching handles. As you might expect, the emphasis here is more on blades than handles, and the detail in those chapters is especially good. Further advice on sharpening, sheathmaking, and extending blade performance rounds out the book. The diagrams and full-color photographs scattered throughout are excellent.

Bladesmithing With Murray Carter is to my knowledge the only English book addressing the Japanese approach to knifemaking in any detail, and it contains a lot of excellent, well explained material that you will find nowhere else. Those with an interest in traditional Japanese knives and knifemaking, serious kitchen cutlery, and of course fans of Murray Carter and his work will find much of interest here.

Bladesmithing with Murray Carter; Modern Application of Traditional Techniques
by Murray Carter
Softcover, full color, 160 pp.

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