Military Knives: A Reference Book
by Trzaska, Silvey, Windrum, et al.

Sixty-seven of the best military knife articles from KNIFE WORLD's last 20 years - a complete reference book for knives of the United States, British, and Allied Forces, 19th century to modern day. Authors include Frank Trzaska, Mike Silvey, William A. Windrum, Fred Bratmon, Steve Dick, Dennis Ellingsen, Bill Karsten, Don Lawrence, Dave Murphy, Harvey Reisberg, Eugene W. Stone, Richard White, and Bill Wright.

"...Anyone with the slightest interest in the subject of military knives is going to find this book a must reference... Knife World Books has done all of us a major service by gathering these articles into one easy to store volume."
- Steven Dick, TACTICAL KNIVES magazine

"...easily one of the better items in its subject area...this is a book well worth having if one has any interest at all in military knives."
- Jim Williamson, GUN WEEK

Note: Our own U.S. Military Knives, Bayonets and Machetes Price Guide, 5th Edition is designed to be used in conjunction with this and several other identification books.

The Ames Rifleman's Knife The Model 1880 Hunting Knife
M1917/1918 Trench Knives The M1918 Mark 1 Trench Knife
Knuckle Knives U.S. Marine Fighting Knives
Case Military Knives Western Cutlery's WWII Legacy
The Mark I The Colonial Mark I
The Mark 2 The Red Spacer KaBar Mark 2
Ontario's Mark 2 The M3 Trench Knife
V-44, or is it? Six Inch Utility Knives
The Case V-42 Stiletto The Raider Stiletto
The OSS Stiletto The Shanghai Fighting Knife
The Earliest Commandos Evolution of the F-S Knife
F-S Knives With Wooden Grips F-S Knives by Commonwealth Countries
Rare F-S Fighting Knife Variants The Fair Sword
The Smatchet Canadian Military Blades of WWII
Australian Steel and Aluminum The Ranger Knife That Never Was
Theater Knives of WWII Custom Makers of WWII
Aluminum Handle Knives Sword Knives
Fighting Knives From Bayonets Knives of John Ek
The Murphy Combat Knife Taylor E. Huff, Patriot
The Messenger Fighting Knife The Famous Jap Sticker
Herder's Commando Knives That Didn't Cut It
Non Mag and Other Dive Knives Navy Non Magnetic Dive Knives
Pilot Survival Knives Marble's Jet Pilot Knife
The Jet Pilots Survival Knife Knives Born in Vietnam
Special Force Knives in Vietnam SOG Knives
Randall Made Knives in Vietnam History of the Gerber Mark II
Parsons' Knuckle Knife The MPK
Eight Dollar Mountain Foundry Knives U.S. Military Folding Knives
Camillus Goes to War KaBar's TL-29
Colonial's Giant Jack Knife The Switchblade
The M2 Parachutist Knife The MC-1 Hook Blade Knife
The MIL-K Knife The Vietnam Demolition Knife
Canadian WWI Military Folders Australian Military Folders
Collins U.S. Military Machetes

Military Knives: A Reference Book
by Trzaska, Silvey, Windrum, et al.
Softcover, 256 pp.

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