The Military Knife and Bayonet
by Homer M. Brett

With over 70 countries represented and many previously unidentified examples, this new book is an absolute must for every military knife and bayonet collector. Almost 400 pages of beautiful full-color photos - the world of military edged weapons in a single book.

Reviewed by Frank Trzaska

The Military Knife and Bayonet is the long awaited tome by the noted bayonet and knife authority Homer M. Brett. In actuality, the new book is a joint effort between Mr. Brett and the well known Japanese publisher Kesaharu Imai.
This book serves as a general military knife and bayonet history with emphasis on the two World Wars and the period since, although many items date back to the 1700s. The layout is done in alphabetical order by country of origin, which is a well thought out system that allows for easy reference. Printed on high quality paper, the pages are packed with professional, studio quality color photographs. Each photograph is accompanied with text in both Japanese and English to appeal to the respective countries in which it will be sold. While speaking of the dual text, it should also be noted that certain very distinct differences are carried over from traditional Japanese publishing. In place of the usual single introduction we have come to expect in a reference book, the Japanese style presents multiple letters of introduction by experts of equal or greater knowledge and stature. This helps to establish the new author as an expert in his or her field. Here, the introductions are by M.H. Cole, Mickey Finn, Gary Boyd and Jerry L. Janzen, fine company to be in for sure.
The author's extensive research and actual field testing in parachute operations all over the globe have placed him in an enviable position to come into contact with many blades never before seen in the Western world. While the book does have world wide coverage, the United States section is truly extensive. Covered are the standard models to be expected, but also included are many never before seen prototypes and experimental models, some still in trials and testing.
The Military Knife and Bayonet is published in a fine hardcover 8-1/2" x 11" format with 392 pages of high quality glossy paper. Over 1000 knives are pictured in full color. It is a must-have reference book for your military blade library.

A beautiful full-color look at knives and bayonets from over 70 countries- a superb reference!

The Military Knife and Bayonet
by Homer M. Brett
Hardcover, 392 pp.

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