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You won't find Knife World at the supermarket or the drugstore. You will find it in the hands of folks who are passionate about knives – handmade and factory, vintage and modern, collectibles and hard-working using knives.

Since 1977, Knife World has been the publication of choice for knife enthusiasts who want the best in informative, objective, and timely content. If you enjoy knives, you'll love KNIFE WORLD.

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Our monthly issues include:
* articles on new knives, antique and vintage knives,
military knives, custom knives, factory knives,
tactical knives, special issue knives, and more
* profiles of knifemakers and bladesmiths from
the legends to the up-and-comers
* Bernard Levine's "Whut Izzit" column
* cutlery industry news
* knife-related legislative updates
* coverage of new product releases
* reviews of newly-released knife books
* the world's largest list of shows, hammer-ins and other events
* the world's only current list of local/regional knife clubs
* classified ads (starting as low as $8.00!)

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or read Knife World Turns Silver!, a short history of KNIFE WORLD magazine.
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