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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 2015.

In addition to the articles listed, each issue of KNIFE WORLD features:

* Whut Izzit - Q&A column by knife expert Bernard Levine
* Artistry in Knives - our handmade knife centerspread
* Knife News / Book Reviews - what's new in the knife world
* Irons in the Fire - the editor's monthly musings
* Letters to the Editor - your chance to speak your mind
* Club Corner - the only current listing in the industry
* Events Calendar - the most complete listing anywhere
* Classified Ads - where buyers and sellers meet

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January 2015
Title Author Page
Francine Etched Knives Stephen Garger 1
Vintage Dog Grooming Knives David L. Anthony 1
Three Gentleman’s Folders Abe Elias 20
Texas Highway Department Knives Frank Trzaska 22
Knife Appreciation Ronald C. Pearlman 26
Siska Bird & Trout M. Willson Offutt 30
February 2015
Knives that Glow in the Dark Steven J. Masello 1
Raffle Knives-Matt Suddeth Roger Eckstine 1
The Bruce Hand/John Paisley Mystery Ron Flook 5
D’Estaings, Saufangers, etc. Hovey Smith 23
C. Houston Price (1935-2014) Mark Zalesky 27
I Found this Knife: Jeff Mutz Friction Folder Bryan Wyszkowski 30
March 2015
Capt. Shakespear’s Shikar Knife Roy Shadbolt 1
Oregon Maker David Kurt Stephen Garger 1
Compliments of Ohio Injector Richard D. White 20
The Case V-42 Revisited Frank Trzaska 24
Spartan Breed Fighter M. Willson Offutt 30
April 2015
Throwing Knives Roger Eckstine 1
Knives in Stone Randy Glenn 1
Case 8” Prototype, or Not? Ivan Dublin Hafley 5
Miniature Sheffield Multi-Blades Neal Punchard 9
Josh Field’s Leather Working Knives Wm.Hovey Smith 28
IFTK:Ted Bollenback Boot Knife Bryan Wyszkowski 30
May 2015
Balloonist Knives Frank Trzaska 1
Idaho Knife Works Stephen Garger 1
A Morning at the Moran Forge Ron Pearlman 20
CRKT’s Free Range Hunter Bob Campbell 23
The “Other” Moran Cliff Haller 25
The Buck Model 110 M. Willson Offutt 30
June 2015
Buchanan/Ochs Collaboration Stephen Garger 1
Nessmuk in Hand Steven Masello 1
Merrill Brown Knives Frank Trzaska 5
Collecting on a Shoestring Bob Winchell 8
Hogue Extreme Knives Bob Campbell 24
Knives Ship Free? Bryan Wyszkowski 26
IFTK: A Pearl “Ring Turn” Bryan Wyszkowski 30
July 2015
Remington’s Promotional Knives L.B. Wilson 1
Bob Neal: Pocket Knife Maker Bob Perdue 1
Robbins Dudley at the Somme Ron Flook 5
CRKT’s Hootenanny Bob Campbell 9
Grieshaber Mfg. Co. Frank Trzaska 25
Spyderco Terzuola Starmate M. Willson Offutt 30
August 2015
Knifemaker Tom Ward Stephen Garger 1
Scout Knives with Compasses Tom Cosgrove 1
An Ibberson in RAF’s Clothing Bryan Moyse 5
WASP Anti-Shark Knife Jim Phillips 26
Modern Slip Joint Knives Bob Campbell 28
IFTK: A Queen Woodsman Bryan Wyszkowski 30
September 2015
The Bushcraft Knife Steven J. Masello 1
A WWII Camillus Prototype Doug Growitz 1
Bad Blood Partisan Nano Bob Campbell 9
Forged in Fire Ronald C. Pearlman 15
A Matching Set from Massey Roger Eckstine 20
Knife World Reader Survey Results Knife World Staff 28
The Gerber Decree M. Willson Offutt 30
October 2015
Ring Turn Knives Richard D. White 1
Traditional Scout Knives Steven J. Masello 1
The Knives of My War Jim Richards 5
Steel Will’s Druid 200 Bob Campbell 8
Knifemakers Next Generation Ron Pearlman 16
The Knives of Ft. McCoy Cliff Haller 26

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