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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 2010.

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January 2010
Title Author Page
Vietnam CISO/SOG Knives Frank Trzaska 1
Fit for a Queen- The No. 25 Jet Ulf Ahlstrom 1
Ethnic Knives or Tourist Trash? Wm. Hovey Smith 9
NKM to Host Moran Exhibit Knife World Staff 28
Lone Wolf Defender M. Willson Offutt 30
February 2010
The Tested XX Trademark Gary Moore 1
Robbins of Dudley Flook & Pidgeon 1
Michael Ruth Jr. B.R. Hughes 20
The Handmade Pocket Clip Stephen Rice 28
March 2010
Scale Release Autos Doug Growitz 1
Ken Erickson Hones His Craft Mike Robuck 1
Melee to Myth Jeffrey Dane 5
Simply Elegant Steven J. Masello 14
The Seber Ratcheting System B.R. Hughes 29
Benchmade 760SBK M. Willson Offutt 30
April 2010
Origin of Marble’s Woodcraft Jim Foral 1
Knifemaker Peter Bromley Stephen Garger 1
Choosing an Outdoor Knife Bob Campbell 8
MIM in the Knife Industry Ernie Wheeler 14
Dimensions of WWII MK2 Knives Ivan Dublin Hafley 23
Expanding Blade Folders Punchard & Growitz 28
May 2010
Browning Knives 1969-1975 Bruce Buckner 1
Big, Bad, Beauties Steven J. Masello 1
A Randall Tale Bryan Wyszkowski 8
Bob Dozier: A State of His Art Stephen Garger 14
An Experimental F-S Knife Roy Shadbolt 25
Tuna Valley Cutlery David Anthony 28
SOG Model CD-01 “Creed” M. Willson Offutt 30
June 2010
Great Eastern Cutlery Stephen Garger 1
George Guthrie - Man of Steel Jamin Brackett 1
Ek Commando Knives Michael S. Black 5
If I Knew Then... Garry L. Zalesky 8
Knives of the Sea David Brenner 25
Klaas & Kissing Crane Separate Knife World Staff 29
July 2010
Schatt & Morgan Sets David A. Krauss 1
Sharp & Locked Open Encore Michael S. Black 1
Some Foreign F-S Knives Ron Flook 8
Bling Knives Frank Karl 20
The Fort Pitt Mystery David L. Anthony 23
Puma’s Pathfinder Bob Campbell 26
Browning Competition 580 M. Willson Offutt 30
August 2010
The Swedish Mora Knife Ulf Ahlstrom 1
It’s Rhea as in “Ray” B.R. Hughes 1
Triple Play Steven J. Masello 14
A Knife Fit for a Princess Jim Taylor 26
The Gotta-Have-One Randall Steven J. Masello 29
September 2010
Utica’s First Century Mark D. Zalesky 1
Ruana’s Vic Hangas Stephen Garger 1
Locking Blade Trappers Michael S. Black 8
The Orion Swing-Blade Dale Vincent 26
Gerber Silver Trident M. Willson Offutt 32
October 2010
Santa Fe Stoneworks Stephen Garger 1
Buck White Melamine Fixed Blades Larry Oden 1
Biscuit Knives Garry L. Zalesky 5
H.H. Tammen - One of a Kind Mark D. Zalesky 8
Nessmuk Meets Jerry Fisk B.R. Hughes 25
Plight of Bannerman Castle Knife World Staff 26
November 2010
The Three Grizzlies Neal Punchard 1
Designed by Elmer Keith Richard D. White 1
R.W. Loveless, 1929-2010 Knife World Staff 8
Marine Fighting Knives of WWII Ivan Dublin Hafley 14
A Perfect Fin & Feather Fit Steven J. Masello 16
LeBatard Fillet Knife M. Willson Offutt 30
December 2010
The Confederate Bowie Knives of Boyle & Gamble Josh Phillips 1
George Cousino Revisited Stephen Garger 1
The American Knife Company Bernard Levine 14
Skeletal Knives Wm. Hovey Smith 24

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