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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 2008.

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January 2008
Title Author Page
Case Handle Materials Gary Moore 1
Canadian Belt Knife Variations Michael S. Black 1
World of Hunting Knives, Part 2 Pat Cascio 14
M3 Trench Knife Revisited Frank Trzaska 25
Western’s Black Beauties Richard White 29
Graham Razel M. Willson Offutt 33
February 2008
Nehi Leg Knives Dennis Ellingsen 1
The Blackjack Classics Michael S. Black 1
Sam Butler B.R. Hughes 17
Why We Collect Richard D. White 22
Ontario’s OK Rescue Tools Frank Trzaska 27
Greco’s Sheffield Bowie Bob Campbell 31
March 2008
The Nagle ReBlade Story Michael Losicco 1
Doc Wacholz, Still Beating Away Edward C. Bell 1
Antler Crown Handle Knives Michael S. Black 14
Spear Hunting - Then & Now Wm. Hovey Smith 22
British Military Switchblades Growitz & Punchard 27
William Henry Mojave M. Willson Offutt 33
April 2008
The Iowa Novelty Company Garry L. Zalesky 1
Cowboys & Cutting Horses Larry Oden 1
Knives & Personal Defense Bob Campbell 14
Funny Folders Michael S. Black 16
Gordon Graham B.R. Hughes 22
Signal Corps LC14 & LC14-A Frank Trzaska 24
May 2008
Evolution of Schrade Safety Push Button Doug Growitz 1
The Plug Bayonet Wm. Hovey Smith 1
Goodpasture’s Small Hunter Michael S. Black 17
Makers’ Wives Stephen Garger 22
Unidentified Knifemakers of WWII John Fritz Blackburn 26
Fishing for the Right Knife Steven J. Masello 29
MIL TAC Model CE-1 M. Willson Offutt 33
June 2008
The Whittler Joe Seale 1
Uncle Al - Knifemaker’s Pal B.R. Hughes 1
Tale of Two Tools Frank S. Karl 8
DiamondBlade Knives Michael S. Black 22
Don’t Lose It Garry L. Zalesky 27
Eye of the Condor Bob Campbell 31
July 2008
Wes Byrd - Soaring High Doc Wacholz 1
Queen’s Rawhide Series Mac Howard 1
Effervescent Advertisers Richard D. White 14
The Value of Kitchen Knives Wm. Hovey Smith 22
British Miitary Gravity Knife Ron Flook 27
Benchmade “Dejavoo” M. Willson Offutt 33
August 2008
The Lockblade Joe Seale 1
The Humble Higonokami Knife David W. Jung 1
A Bunch of Blades Richard D. White 14
ABS Youth Hammer-in Knife World Staff 22
Drunk in a Wheelbarrow Janann Giles 25
The Little Elosi Neal Punchard 32
September 2008
The Eagle Pencil Knife Brooks & Zalesky 1
Van Adestine Knives Helmut W. Sakschek 1
The Gearmeister Steven J. Masello 14
Fuad Accawi Doc Wacholz 22
Helle Jubileum Knives Michael S. Black 26
Spyderco Aqua Salt M. Willson Offutt 33
October 2008
The Stockman Joe Seale 1
J.D. Barth - Honing the Gift Stephen Garger 1
Sharp & Locked Open Part 5 Michael S. Black 8
Navy-handled Robeson USMC Ivan Dublin Hafley 14
Japanese vs. Western Blademaking Wm. Hovey Smith 22
Cinch & Boker Partnership Abe Elias 33
November 2008
Clay Cutlery & A.J. Jordan C. David Pierce 1
James Rodebaugh - Master Smith B.R. Hughes 1
John Weiss & Son Ron Flook 14
Buck Collectors Celebrate 20th Russ Donoghue 22
Gossman Knives are Plenty Tough Bob Campbell 25
Oriental Bronze Blades Wm. Hovey Smith 27
Mosier Small Fighter M. Willson Offutt 33
December 2008
The Sunfish Joe Seale 1
Mike Zscherny Mike Robuck 1
Ken Warner Knives Wm. Hovey Smith 14
Stacked Leather Handles Richard D. White 22
Display with Imagination Larry Oden 27

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