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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 2005.

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January 2005
Title Author Page
John Primble & Belknap Hardware Leroy Roark 1
A Razor Revival? Richard D. White 1
What’s this Knife Worth? B.R. Hughes 8
Assisted Opening Knives Today Pat Cascio 14
Post War Combat Mark 2 Frank Trzaska 22
February 2005
Colclesser: A History Forged in Steel D. Robinson 1
Mel Pardue- Student & Teacher Lowell Bray 1
Multiblades - A Closer Look Roy Humenick 14
Camillus CAM1-A1 Bayonet Frank Trzaska 22
Verdigris Dennis Ellingsen 25
SOG Seal Knife 2000 M. Willson Offutt 32
March 2005
They Stand Alone Hank Hansen 1
The Sea-Going Bladesmith B.R. Hughes 1
Don’t Abuse Your Knife Bob Campbell 7
Muslim Knives of the Philippines Eiler R. Cook 14
The Tactical Folder David E. Steele 19
Recognize Recent Reproductions Frank Trzaska 22
Add a Little Salt Frank Karl 32
April 2005
Tomahawks Michael Silvey 1
This “Cook” is a Real Master B.R. Hughes 1
R. Murphy Knives Harvey Reisberg 8
The Maddening Records of Collecting Janann Giles 14
Knife Collections for Display Sheldon & Edna Wickersham 16
Camillus Fish Knives Frank Trzaska 22
Northwoods Willow Leaf M. Willson Offutt 32
May 2005
Forgotten Cutleries of Eldred C. David Pierce 1
Bowies on a Budget? Mark D. Zalesky 1
Fish Knives David E. Steele 14
RH72P B.S.A. Presentation Knife Jim Pitblado 19
USN Mark 3 Mod 0 Frank Trzaska 22
Greco’s Probus Bob Campbell 32
June 2005
Folding Jumbo Camp Knives Dennis Ellingsen 1
United Cutlery: Under the Radar Edw. C. Bell 1
Western’s Unusual Product Richard D. White 8
The Bowie: There can be Only One Bob Campbell 14
The Ordnance Dept. in WWI Frank Trzaska 22
Spyderco’s Military M. Willson Offutt 32
July 2005
Buhl Sons Co. Hardware Patrick J. Donovan 1
WWII M2 Paratrooper Knife B.K. Brooks 1
Titanium for Knife Blades? Pat Cascio 14
The First Knife Bob Campbell 17
Two of Our Oldest Unite Brad Lockwood 22
Knifemaker Jody Muller Mac Overton 30
August 2005
The Humble Harness Jack Charlie Campagna 1
From Bayonet to Multi-tool David E. Steele 1
The A.B.S. in 2005 B.R. Hughes 14
The M1939 Machete Frank Trzaska 22
The Lakota Legend Model 911 M. Willson Offutt 32
September 2005
Applegate/Fairbairn- An All American Fighting Knife Sheldon & Edna Wickersham 1
Knifemaker Kevin Hoffman Lowell Bray 1
Best All ‘Round Carry Knife Ralph Hurne 8
Mann’s Hudson Bay Knife Bob Campbell 14
The Sea Wolf Knife Harvey Reisberg 17
The Krag Model of 1902 Bolo Bayonet Frank Trzaska 22
Where’s the Rivets? Robert Palmer 26
October 2005
Whittling & the Whitt-L-Kraft Dennis Ellingsen 1
John Perry: Three Times a Winner B.R. Hughes 1
How to Clean a Knife John Brewster 14
R.S. Elliott Arms Fighting Knife E.W. Stone Jr. 22
Locknife, Inc. Harvey Reisberg 25
H and K’s Tactical Knives Bob Campbell 27
Tomes Model 17 M. Willson Offutt 32
November 2005
Case’s Pre-Dotted 54 Pattern Gary Moore 1
Little Valley- The Village of Knives Brad Lockwood 1
Cleaning Old Knives Rudy Sutherland 14
In Clyde’s Footsteps B.R. Hughes 19
The EOD Tool-Kit Knife Frank Trzaska 22
Case SlimLock & Reeve Mnandi M. Willson Offutt 32
December 2005
The Swiss Army SoldierKnife Daniel J. Jacquart 1
Jim Behring of Treeman Knives Doc Wacholz 1
Laminated Blade Knives Michael Black 14
Emerson’s Hard Wear Knives Bob Campbell 17
The USMC 1219c2 of WWII (Part 1) Frank Trzaska 22
SOG Gov-Tac M. Willson Offutt 32

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