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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 2003.

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January 2003
Title Author Page
Western's Eastern Connection Richard D. White 1
Why Not a Knife Kit? Lowell Bray 1
Collecting Spydercos Mike Robuck 14
Ronald Lee Welling Sue Utzinger Buchan 18
Marine Parachutist Knife Frank Trzaska 22
February 2003
And the Purpose is... Hank Hansen 1
Reggie Barker B.R. Hughes 1
Golden Age of Defensive Knives Ralph Hurne 12
Sidewalk Surgery Clyde Shoe 16
Everything Comes to He Who Waits William A. Windrum 20
Custom Knives: Facing a Dilemma? Dominique Beaucant 27
Spyderco Perrin M. Willson Offutt 28
March 2003
Who was Jimmie Allen? Dino Bakeris 1
Forged Blades Stand Alone in Reno Knife World Staff 1
Buck Knives Moving to Idaho Knife World Staff 7
Vince Evans: A True Master Darby Neaves 12
Affordable Loveless Design Knives Bob Campbell 16
M4 Bayonet of WWII Frank Trzaska 24
April 2003
Knives & Schools; Yesterday & Today Frank Trzaska 1
Slater Bros: A Victorian Venture John Slater 1
The Imagical 2000 Bob Campbell 14
Bladesmith Jerome Anders Jim Williamson 20
Case/Tony Bose Yukon M. Willson Offutt 28
May 2003
Simonds Worden White John Brewster 1
Cutlery Photography Richard D. White 1
Japanese WWII Pilot Knives William A. Windrum 14
The Magic of Mosaic Lora Sue Bethke 20
Are Switchblades Next? Bernard Levine 22
Digital Photography Basics Mark Zalesky 28
June 2003
An Open and Shut "Case" Joe Seale 1
For Handles, Make Mine Natural B.R. Hughes 1
Synthetic Handles are the Real Deal Jim Williamson 1
USMC Hospital Corps Knife Frank Trzaska 8
Knives of the Police David E. Steele 12
Barteaux Machete M. Willson Offutt 28
July 2003
The Platts Cutlers in Andover C. David Pierce 1
Custom Camp Knives Dominique Beaucant 14
WWII Glider Pilot's F-S Knives William A. Windrum 20
Clayton's Story Knife World Staff 23
August 2003
Laplanders and Their Knives Eiler Robert Cook 1
Chuck Ward: He Shoots Knives B.R. Hughes 1
The A.B.S. in 2003 B.R. Hughes 8
New England Cutlery Bill Hogeboom 12
Model 1905 Hospital Corps Knife Frank Trzaska 20
Blackjack Grunt M. Willson Offutt 28
September 2003
When was that Imperial Made? Robert R. Palmer 1
Dropped or Upswept Point? B.R. Hughes 1
High Tech Tacticals David E. Steele 14
The Model of 1909 Bolo Frank Trzaska 22
Show 'n Tell All Clyde Shoe 25
October 2003
Ruana Knives- Past, Present & Future Vincent Roberts 1
Randall- The 20th Century's Bowie Knife Robert E. Hunt 1
Spyderco's Native Bob Campbell 8
In Search of Scagels Glenn Schindlbeck 14
American Bladesmith Hall of Fame B.R. Hughes 17
Internet Switchblade Sales Targeted Knife World Staff 19
Nichols Knives Ron Lambert 22
How the "Catt" Came Home Michael Yoh 25
Bud Nealy Cave Bear M. Willson Offutt 32
November 2003
Pocketknife Shields Richard D. White 1
Why Grohmann is Great! Jim Williamson 1
The Man from Pine Creek Forge B.R. Hughes 14
Western Etched Blades Bernard Levine 17
Ontario Hits the Beach! Frank Trzaska 22
The Man Who Makes You Laugh Rich Stubler 27
December 2003
The Quest for "Q's" Barry Carithers 1
Romancing the Name: "Delta Dirks" Paul Holmer 1
Knifemaker Gary Rodewald Jim Williamson 6
The Magic Hone Henry R. Gillespie 14
Gault-Dipprey Hunting Knife Matt Densmore 19
The Model of 1910 Bolo Frank Trzaska 22
A Sweet & Sour Life Ted Cheldin 26
Cold Steel vs. Fallkniven M. Willson Offutt 31

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