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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 2000.

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Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

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January 2000
Title Author Page
Knives of the Indian Subcontinent Eiler Cook 1
He Makes a “Stout” Knife B.R. Hughes 1
In the Beginning: Ken Warner Mark Zalesky 14
Award Winning Collection K.W. Staff 18
Ontario’s Mark 2 Frank Trzaska 23
Buck 300 Series Pocketknives Larry Oden 28
February 2000
Celluloid- A Firm Maybe Dennis Ellingsen 1
Roebuck Works Revisited Roger Ballard 1
Knives 2000 Book Review Mac Overton 13
Schrade Custom Collaborations Edw. C. Bell 14
Eight Dollar Mtn. Foundry Knives Frank Trzaska 22
A Survivor’s Guide to Shows Earl Witsaman 25
NKCA Youth Knives Mark Zalesky 29
March 2000
Logos & History of C. Bertram Joe Dennard 1
Knifemaker Dick Atkinson Butch Winter 1
Spyderco Story Book Review K.W. Staff 13
Honed to Perfection Kurt Moe 14
Knives Born in Vietnam Frank Trzaska 22
That 70’s Thing Jim Richards 29
April 2000
The Ames Rifleman’s Knife Frank Trzaska 1
The First Tactical Folder Jim Richards 1
Shells Robert Palmer 8
Massey Wins at Arkansas Show B.R. Hughes 12
Mikulasovice-Nixdorf Bernard Levine 14
Shaw-Leibowitz Mark Zalesky 30
May 2000
Talk of the Townley Phillip Krumholz 1
Doubles, Anyone? Jim Richards 1
Ebay-the Good, the Bad, the Funny! Richard White 8
Leatherman’s Model PST & Super M. Willson Offutt 14
Clandestine Edged Weapons Part I William A. Windrum 22
Fight’n Rooster Knives Mark Zalesky 30
June 2000
Knifemaking Legends- Warthers Minnis/Zalesky 1
Turn Rings Richard White 1
Knife Field Trials M. Willson Offutt 8
(Cold Steel Trailmaster San Mai & Chris Reeve Project II)
Cutlery For the Table Book Review K.W. Staff 13
Bibliography of the Bayonet Review Frank Trzaska 13
Letter Knives: Practical to Personal David E. Steele 14
Lan-Cay M9 Bayonets Frank Trzaska 22
Damiff Ino Robert Palmer 25
Cargill/Frost Sidelock Mark Zalesky 31
July 2000
The Case/Bose Collaboration Edw. C. Bell 1
The Man Behind the Fish B.R. Hughes 1
Love that Leather Charlie K. Brown 7
Big Book of Pocket Knives Review K.W. Staff 13
The Tactical Folding Knife Review K.W. Staff 13
The Bertrand’s “Dirty Little” Secret Mark Zalesky 14
Rebirth of a Springfield Randall Harlan Suedmeier 17
Clandestine Edged Weapons Part II William A. Windrum 22
August 2000
Samuel Mason’s Story Mark Zalesky 1
Hanford Miller Jim Williamson 1
Crystal Cutlery Co. Phillip Krumholz 7
The ABS in 2000 B.R. Hughes 14
Navy Non-Magnetic Dive Knives Frank Trzaska 22
Randall Made Knives Patrick Donovan 31
September 2000
Imperial Knives- A Study Dennis Ellingsen 1
The U.S. Military’s New Knife Frank Trzaska 1
Randall Information CD Review K.W. Staff 13
The Wonder of Knifemaking Review K.W. Staff 13
Knifemaker Sam Cox Butch Winter 15
Righties, Lefties & Others Jim Richards 17
Knife Field Trials M. Willson Offutt 22
(Kershaw Random Task & Spyderco Police)
Marbles Rarest Knife? Mark Zalesky 26
October 2000
Blish-Mize & Silliman Story Gary Nahrstedt 1
Starting at a Tender Age! B.R. Hughes 1
The Razor Man of Denver Phillip Krumholz 8
The Alamo Story Book Review James Batson 13
A Bowie Primer Book Review K.W. Staff 13
The Diver’s Knife Jim Williamson 14
Clandestine Edged Weapons Part III William A. Windrum 22
The “Russell” That Ain’t Mark Zalesky 31
November 2000
All About Buffing Renkoski/Koval 1
The Mystery of Browne & Pharr Leroy Mathews 1
Knives Digest I Review Mac Overton 12
Knives 2001 Review Mac Overton 13
“I’m Proud to be an Okie...” B.R. Hughes 14
Moran Celebrates 60 Years of Knifemaking K.W. Staff 18
Taylor E. Huff Patriot Frank Trzaska 22
A Unique “Hires” Advertiser Richard White 25
December 2000
Robeson- 70 Years of Designs Tom Kalcevic 1
Knifemaker Dwight Towell Jim Williamson 1
Knife Field Trials M. Willson Offutt 8
(McDonald, Hudson, Benchmade & SOG)
Knives Can Talk Book Review K.W. Staff 13
Beer Advertising Book Review K.W. Staff 13
The Mark 1 Frank Trzaska 22
Ensign Knives Mark Zalesky 30

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