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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 1998.

In addition to the articles listed, each issue of KNIFE WORLD features:

* Whut Izzit - Q&A column by knife expert Bernard Levine
* Artistry in Knives - our handmade knife centerspread
* Knife News / Book Reviews - what's new in the knife world
* Irons in the Fire - the editor's monthly musings
* Letters to the Editor - your chance to speak your mind
* Club Corner - the only current listing in the industry
* Show Calendar - the most complete listing anywhere
* Classified Ads - where buyers and sellers meet

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Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

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January 1998
Title Author Page
Unwin & Rodgers Knife Pistol Garry Zalesky 1
Knifemaker Roger Massey Jim Williamson 1
Primer to Celluloid Razors Part 1 Phillip Krumholz 13
Knives of NKCA Wall of Fame Patrick Donovan 20
The Demolition Knife Frank Trzaska 24
The Schoolmaster’s Knife Barry Carithers 27
New York Custom Show Dominique Beaucant 29
February 1998
Foreign Knife Collecting Eiler Robert Cook 1
Ron Little Remembered B.R. Hughes 1
Primer to Celluloid Razors Part 2 Phillip Krumholz 13
A Weapon It’s Not Bill Powell 18
The O.S.S. Stiletto Frank Trzaska 24
1997 Ends With Auctions Knife World Staff 27
Book Review Mac Overton 30
March 1998
Case USA Stainless “First Models” Tony Foster 1
Sheaths by Schrap Jim Williamson 1
The Razor Blade Detectives Phillip Krumholz 13
A Three Piece Pocketknife Garry Zalesky 15
Book Reviews Knife World Staff 17
The Earliest Commando Knives William Windrum 22
April 1998
John Russell Cutlery Co. Part I Martin Yarmac 1
Keeslar: Consummate Professional B.R. Hughes 1
Those Patriotic Razors Phillip Krumholz 14
Cameron’s Courage & Cutlery Joe Seale 16
Shenandoah Valley & Allegheny Mtn Knife Shows 18
The Case V-42 Stiletto Frank Trzaska 22
Book Review Willard Hogeboom 26
May 1998
Synthetic Handle Durability Mac Overton 1
Knifemaker Rob Hudson Ann Renkoski 1
John Russell Cutlery Part II Martin Yarmac 13
The John Rieder Company Phillip Krumholz 17
1997 Knifemakers Guild Show Butch Winter 20
Product Improved Bayonet Test Frank Trzaska 24
Encouraging Today’s Youth Allen L. Mott 27
June 1998
Punch Drunk? Robert Palmer 1
Harold Corby-On the Cutting Edge Dominique Beaucant 1
Lancets on the Frontier Bernard Levine 13
Knife Knut Goes Surfing Internet Michael Yoh 17
Evolution of F-S Fighting Knife William Windrum 22
July 1998
A New Look at Case Edward C. Bell 1
The “Other” John Perry B.R. Hughes 1
French Aluminum Multi-Blades Bernard Levine 12
The Case Copperlock Jim Williamson 16
Case Military Knives Frank Trzaska 22
In Praise of a Stockman Jim Camera 25
Book Reviews Knife World Staff 27
August 1998
Theater Knives of WWII Bill Wright 1
A Look at Stainless Steel Michael Lucento 1
One Armed Man’s Knife Howard Melnick 13
Second Life for Used Razor Blades Kurt Moe 15
Why Collect Club Knives Jerry Hill 16
V-44, or is it? Frank Trzaska 22
September 1998
Finding 18th Century Folders Bernard Levine 1
Dave Ricke Jim Williamson 1
The ABS in ‘98! B.R. Hughes 13
The Mission Ann Renkoski 16
Case Stag Handled Nine Dot Bob Wurzelbacher 18
O.K.C.A. & Wolverine Knife Shows 20
NKCA Club Knives Knife World Staff 24
Knives That Didn’t Cut It Frank Trzaska 25
October 1998
Six Blade Pocket Knives Dennis Ellingsen 1
Ron Newton: Next Super-Maker? B.R. Hughes 1
Sharpening Made Easy David E. Steele 13
A Knife Story Jim Richards 17
Like a Hot Knife Through Butter Phillip Krumholz 18
The Paul Knife Knife World Staff 24
The MPK Frank Trzaska 25
Dad’s Bird Knife Dan Melnick 28
November 1998
Patch Knives and Principles Gordon Minnis 1
Bill Moran’s Wood-Lined Sheath Dominique Beaucant 1
Master Cutlery Man Saunders Norvell 13
The BuckTool Jim Williamson 18
William Blair & Company Phillip Krumholz 20
Baby Bullets Knife World Staff 26
F-S Knives with Wooden Grips William Windrum 27
AG’s One-Hander Mac Overton 31
December 1998
Case Trappers Tony Foster 1
Rick Dunkerly B.R. Hughes 1
Bluebird Billy Larry Cox 13
Old Time Shave Phillip Krumholz 15
Knife Field Trials Willson Offutt 18
Collecting the Buck 110 Pat Donovan 26
Pilots Survival Knife Frank Trzaska 27
World Champion Axe-Man Tom Beery 32

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