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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 1997.

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* Whut Izzit - Q&A column by knife expert Bernard Levine
* Artistry in Knives - our handmade knife centerspread
* Knife News / Book Reviews - what's new in the knife world
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Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

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January 1997
Title Author Page
The Cutleries of Sharon Mark Zalesky 1
Knifemaker Conrad Pienaar Jim Richards 1
Razors with Masonic Symbols Kurt Moe 13
Collins U.S. Military Machetes Frank Trzaska 22
Therapist & The Journey Part 1 Ann Renkoski 27
Don’t You Believe It Ron McEvwen 31
February 1997
Uncle Henry: Schrade’s Best Jim Williamson 1
From Halfback to Bladesmith B.R. Hughes 1
Tallest Building in the World Richard D. White 8
Medieval Whittlers & Cutlery Paul Holmer 13
Colonial’s Giant Jack Knife Frank Trzaska 22
Therapist & The Journey Part 2 Ann Renkoski 29
March 1997
Ka-Bar Utility/Scout Knives Dennis Ellingsen 1
Williamson Bowie Auction Mark Zalesky 1
Ka-Bar’s This Generation & Next Frank Trzaska 13
Herman Linke Fighting Knives Eugene Stone 15
KaBar’s TL-29 Frank Trzaska 22
Knives ‘97 Review Mac Overton 25
Book Reviews 27
Knife Throwing: RX for Health Lew Fine 28
April 1997
Names in Transition Bernard Levine 1
Knife Handles Jim Williamson 1
The Lawell Knife Auction Mark Zalesky 13
F.A. Koch & Co. Kurt Moe 16
Deep South Knife Show Eiler Cook 18
The 1913 Cavalry Saber Frank Trzaska 22
Ocean Liners & Their Knives W.C. Wakefield 24
The Imprint of Youth Philip Krumholz 27
May 1997
Marble’s Knives Return Mark Zalesky 1
The Doc Ann Renkoski 1
Strange Case of Razor Giants Pt 1 Philip Krumholz 7
From Out of the Past B.R. Hughes 13
American Military Museum Frank Trzaska 22
Emerson Folders from Benchmade Jim Richards 25
June 1997
Robeson Cutlery W.C. Karsten 1
Knifemaker George Herron Butch Winter 1
2nd Arkansas Knife Show B.R. Hughes 7
Strange Case of Razor Giants Pt 2 Philip Krumholz 13
The “Other” Swiss Knives Jim Williamson 16
The Model 1880 Hunting Knife Frank Trzaska 22
July 1997
Remington Premium Knives Jim Wolff 1
Knifemaker Joel Humphreys Mark Zalesky 1
Two Fold Knife Collector Michael Yoh 7
The ABS in 1997 B.R. Hughes 13
The Riader Stiletto Frank Trzaska 22
Strange Case of Razor Giants Pt 3 Philip Krumholz 25
Knife Knut J.B. Morgan 27
August 1997
Fifty Years with Marble Arms Chester Swanson 1
Dr. Jim Lucie B.R. Hughes 1
Origins of Double Edged Smatchet Ronald Flook 13
Book Reviews 16
Greater Atlanta Show 18
PKA Texas Show 19
Rumors, Guesses & Idle Gossip Frank Trzaska 22
Strange Case of Razor Giants Pt 4 Philip Krumholz 25
September 1997
Shumate Cutlery Co. Philip Krumholz 1
Joe Flournoy B.R. Hughes 1
The List Ann Renkoski 13
Carved Ivory or Molded Celluloid Kurt Moe 17
Midwest Knifemaking Seminar Garry Zalesky 24
The M3 Trench Knife Frank Trzaska 26
Cardboard Box Repair G.W. Dingus 30
October 1997
New Look at Old Senators Richard D. White 1
Bladesmith Bill Hurt Dominique Beaucant 1
Price, Randall, Ruana Enshrined B.R. Hughes 13
A “Throwing in the River” Bob Wurzelbacher 15
Add-On Straight Razor Guards Kurt Moe 16
The MC-1 Hook Blade Knife Frank Trzaska 24
Ciphered Blade Folding Knives Garry Zalesky 27
November 1997
What Knife for Whitetail Deer? William Offutt 1
He isn’t “Dunn” with Bladesmithing B.R. Hughes 1
Case 1970 10-Dot Pocketknives Tony Foster 8
New Schrade Tough Tool B.R. Hughes 13
Ahmed Bux Secret Knife Bernard Levine 15
Hello, Old Knife Philip Krumholz 18
SouthEastern Custom Knife Show 20
Shanghai Fighting Knife William Windrum 24
South Florida Knife Show 34
December 1997
Knife Making in Winsted Tom Boutin 1
Bill Moran “Revisited” Dominique Beaucant 1
The First “Fold In” B.R. Hughes 13
Trey’s Trapper Joe Seale 15
Military Knife Books Frank Trzaska 24
Sharp Enough Scott Grandstaff 26
Pomcomatic & Lady Pomco Kurt Moe 28
The Joseph Rodgers Knife George Kauffeld 30

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