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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 1994.

In addition to the articles listed, each issue of KNIFE WORLD features:

* Whut Izzit - Q&A column by knife expert Bernard Levine
* Artistry in Knives - our handmade knife centerspread
* Knife News / Book Reviews - what's new in the knife world
* Irons in the Fire - the editor's monthly musings
* Letters to the Editor - your chance to speak your mind
* Club Corner - the only current listing in the industry
* Show Calendar - the most complete listing anywhere
* Classified Ads - where buyers and sellers meet

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Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

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January 1994
Title Author Page
The Ultra Light Knife B.R. Hughes 1
The Closing of Western Richard White 6
Wetherill Knives Discovered Phillip Krumholz 13
Take the Remington Quiz Jim Wolff 16
“Battle Blades” Book Review Paul Brubaker 24
Goddard/Fox Hammer-In Bob Bents 27
Shop and Museum Joyce Citright 30
February 1994
The Puukko Carl Levitan 1
World Fairs & Expositions Kurt Moe 8
Wendell Fox Bob Bents 13
Aitor’s Magnum Bowie B.R. Hughes 17
Whittler with Experience Aaron Cloud 19
Knives for Outdoor People Willis O.C. Ellis 24
March 1994
Police Knives, Another Look David Steele 1
Grandpa’s Really Good Knife Garry Zalesky 7
Machetes by Martindale Don Lawrence 13
International Safety Razor Corp. Kurt Moe 16
One Man’s Junk Art Green 24
The Fable of Joe Doe B.R. Hughes 28
Rare Case Knives Allen Swayne 31
April 1994
Fred W. James J.R. Edmondson 1
Knives of the 1994 SHOT Show Mac Overton 13
Tackle Boxes & Old Knives C.K. Brown 19
Knifemaker Bill Bullard Jim Richards 24
The Band Bladed Razors Phillip Krumholz 26
May 1994
Stainless Cutlery Co. Knives Bernard Levine 1
Fred W. James Part II J.R. Edmondson 13
The Burnham Safety Razor Kurt Moe 24
What Price the Steel Controversy? B.R. Hughes 26
“Randall Made Knives” Review Mac Overton 29
“Knives Points of Interest IV” Review Houston Price 29
June 1994
Why Buy New? Jim Richards 1
Decades of Murphy Blades Naomi Miles 5
The Lady’s “Letter Opener” 7
From Kilgore with Care B.R. Hughes 13
The Gillette Techmatic Phillip Krumholz 17
Kitchen Cutlery John P. McMahon 25
A Dozen Knife Books Jim Rohl 30
July 1994
The Tenk Hardware Story Jim Wolff 1
Straight Cutting Crooked Knife Gary Arenson 6
Puma’s New Folders Jim Williamson 13
Al Mar’s Last Adventure Jim Phillips 15
The ABS in 1994 B.R. Hughes 17
Razors of the Zinn Family Kurt Moe 24
Early Guild Members Rhett Stidham 27
August 1994
Norvell-Shapleigh Hardware Phillip Krumholz 1
A Burning Drive to Excel B.R. Hughes 6
Shumate Razors Guaranteed Kurt Moe 13
G.T. Knives Bernard Levine 16
James Bowie & San Saba Mines Clifford Hopewell 19
Riverland Knife Club Show Stephen Schwarzer 22
Book Review Paul Brubaker 24
Uncle Joe’s Coat Thomas Schifani 27
September 1994
Magazine Premium Knives Jim Wolff 1
Collecting Safety Razor Blades Phillip Krumholz 8
Knifemakers Guild 25th Ann. Show 13
The Knives of Pete Heath B.R. Hughes 17
“Oh My Gosh! We’ve Been Robbed!” W. Murray Andrews 24
A Man, A Knife, A Legacy Fred Steel 25
A Rite of Passage Norman Tennant 27
October 1994
Carry a Big Knife M. Willson Offutt 1
Why We Collect What We Do Hal Rose 1
Tedco-Lite Razor Kurt Moe 6
Your Workshop and the Law Dick Olsen 8
Chesapeake Bay Show Jim Phillips 13
The Porch People Ann Renkoski 15
The Gift Conrad Locander 18
Dummies, Cartoons, Caricatures Cindy Moe 26
November 1994
America’s Premier Bladesmith Dominique Beaucant 1
Camillus Contract Knives Jim Blackburn 1
Military Edge: Knuckle Knives Mike Silvey 13
Kwiksale Display Case Mike Shea 17
Knife Expo 94 Dennis Ellingsen 22
A Mule & Knife Story Joe Seale 24
AECA Knife Show 31
December 1994
The Folding Dirk Knife Garry Zalesky 1
Military Edge: Sword Knives Mike Silvey 13
America’s Premier Bladesmith II Dominique Beaucant 16
Auto-Strop Type Blades Kurt Moe 24
Las Vegas Classic Show J.R. Edmondson 26

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