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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 1993.

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Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

Articles on straight razors, safety razors, and shaving related subjects may be found in The Razor Anthology.

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January 1993
Title Author Page
A Wrench for Squares Dennis Ellingsen 1
The Brass Backed Bowie Part 1 J.R. Edmondson 6
Meet Roger Worley - Collector C.H. Price 13
The Stockman Knife Jim Rohl 19
Book Reviews 25
February 1993
P.W. Ostwald, Baker, OR Roger Worley 1
Brass Backed Bowie Part II J.R. Edmondson 9
“Mac” Ann Renkoski 13
Wedge Blades & Lathercatchers Phillip Krumholz 16
AECA Knife Show 28
Western Reserve Knife Show 29
March 1993
Dandy Doctor’s Knife Joe Seale 1
Fairbairn-Sykes Fighting Knife Geoff Williams 8
Handmade by Hand B.R. Hughes 13
Edgewear Paul Brubaker 16
Clark Blade & Razor Co. Kurt Moe 24
April 1993
Norwegian Knives Eiler Cook 1
New York Knife Show Jim Taylor 8
21st Century Knifemaking Mike Shea 13
A Stinky Situation Harry McEvoy 19
Boyd Pen Knife Jim Richards 26
May 1993
R.W. Loveless B.R. Hughes 1
The Unsinger Safety Razors Kurt Moe 7
Al Mar Knives C.H. Price 13
Gen. Kautz Bowie Roger Worley 18
Best of Show Joe Seale 24
Old File - The Rest of the Story Phillip Krumholz 27
June 1993
Character Hero Knives Dennis Ellingsen 1
Cripple Creek - New Owner Knife World Staff 8
Knives and Survival David E. Steele 13
“Y” Does He Mark ‘Em! B.R. Hughes 17
Book Reviews 24
Metal Gillette Razors I Phillip Krumholz 25
OKCA Knife Show 31
July 1993
“Put and Take” R.L. Olsen 1
Metal Gillette Razor II Phillip Krumholz 5
New Knives at the SHOT show Mac Overton 8
Heirlooms from Valachovic B.R. Hughes 13
Camillus Goes to War Richard White 16
The Princess & the Limey Hanna Rabb 24
August 1993
Walden: Sheffield of America Marc Newman 1
The 1993 ABS Show B.R. Hughes 8
Are They Really Razors? Kurt Moe 13
Ruana Brothers William Martin 18
When Harry Met Tom Roger Worley 24
1st Annual German Knife Show 31
September 1993
The Trapper Knife Lives On Mac Overton 1
The Heroic Blade David E. Steele 8
Demonstrator Razors Kurt Moe 13
Knifemaker of the Blue Ridge Fred Steel 17
“Demythology” Paul Brubaker 24
Will Clean to Mint Craig Bozorth 27
October 1993
Worth the Time and Effort R.L. Olsen 1
Hey Porter! B.R. Hughes 7
Bear MGC Cutlery Jim Richards 13
Tally Ho Razors Kurt Moe 24
Artifact of the Old West Bernard Levine 27
A Boy’s First Knife Fred Steel 29
November 1993
Age of Bowie Hunters J.R. Edmondson 1
Sharpen ‘Em All! Phillip Krumholz 13
The Triumph of Education B.R. Hughes 16
Badger Club Knife Show 19
Plier Knife Tools Mac Overton 24
Eagle Pencil Company Kurt Moe 27
December 1993
Mechanical Marvels Garry Zalesky 1
Bowie Symposium Ray Middlebrooks 6
A Christmas Past Joe Seale 8
Cutlery Postcards Kurt Moe 13
Knives ‘94 Review Mac Overton 16
Swiss Military Knives Jim Williamson 18
The Morning After Ann Renkoski 26

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