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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 1987.

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* Whut Izzit - Q&A column by knife expert Bernard Levine
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A selection of our favorite articles from this period can be found in the book The Best of Knife World, Vol. III.

Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

Articles on straight razors, safety razors, and shaving related subjects may be found in The Razor Anthology.

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January 1987
Title Author Page
The Perfect Pocket Knife Butch Winter 1
Lawrence Hughes B.R. Hughes 1
Star Safety Razor Part II Robert Waits 7
Goddard's Survival Knife Steven Dick 14
Carrying a Concealed Knife Jack Tanis 16
California Custom Knife Show Bernard Levine 18
February 1987
Lasting Knives Joe Seale 1
Peter Bauchop Greg Walker 1
Feudal Daggers David Steele 8
Golden Rule Cutlery Kurt Moe 14
We Loved to Snack Charlie Brown 16
A Slice of the Apple Jim Phillips 18
March 1987
Mongin: World Class Tom Sewell 1
J.A. Henckels Kurt Moe 1
Whittling Bill Rotz 8
S.H.O.T. Show Mac Overton 13
First Stainless Knives Geoffrey Tweedale 17
Knives I have Known Phillip Krumholz 22
Pretty Powerful Puma W.C. White 25
April 1987
Escape to Sheffield Simon Moore 1
Mediterranean Dirk Butch Winter 1
Buck Model 186 Bernard Levine 8
Maker Paul Myers Bob Arganbright 13
Strops, Hones, & Sharpeners Phillip Krumholz 15
Photo by Weyer Earl Witsaman 18
New York Show Larry Crehan 20
May 1987
Hawbaker Special Ralph H. Scruton Jr. 1
Miniatures By Earl Witsaman Charlie Brown 1
Changes in Knife Collecting Bernard Levine 7
Testing Handle Materials Tony Tocci 13
Heavy Metal from AMK Greg Walker 18
Bunker Hill Show KW Staff 22
New Zealand Show KW Staff 23
Becker Machax Steven Dick 24
The Ranger Knife B.R. Hughes 27
June 1987
Interchangeable Blade Knives Phillip Krumholz 1
Hunting Knives David Steele 1
Bowie by Jacob Cook Jim Blackburn 6
Lakeville; Then & Now reprint 7
All the Action Ain?t Down South Walt Minnick 13
Custer Battlefield Saber Ron Hickox 16
Oregon Knife Show Dennis Ellingsen 18
A Turtle Knife Anyone? Charlie Brown 22
'Predator' Knives KW Staff 26
Smoking: Knifemaker?s Curse Steve Kundrat 28
July 1987
Making a Sheath Bill Rotz 1
H&B Mfg. Company Larry Crehan 1
New England Update Phillip Pankiewicz 13
American Bladesmith Show B.R. Hughes 16
Rarest Military Knife Bernard Levine 22
Webster Wood Mac Overton 25
Enewold Survival Knife J.E. Smith Jr. 28
August 1987
Man Behind the Knife Dick Olsen 1
Running River Knives Larry Crehan 1
Preston Bros. Cutlery Phillip Pankiewicz 6
Forming an Edge Allen Duffield 8
Lore of the Sword Phillip Krumholz 14
Gentleman Pocketknives Charlie Brown 16
Case Outlander Jim Richards 22
Hollow Handled Knives B.R. Hughes 24
Knife Expo '87 Bernard Levine 27
September 1987
Remington Bernard Levine 1
Law of Gravity Jack Tanis 1
More Lore of the Sword Phillip Krumholz 13
Samples by Sample Cindy Rabb 15
Sharpening Angle Allen Duffield 17
Austin Among the Best Joe Seale 19
Lannie Hartman Harry K. McEvoy 22
Denver Knife Show Skip Bryan 26
October 1987
Boys and Barlows Joe Seale 1
Jerry Fisk B.R. Hughes 1
Boot Knives - Hidden Edge Greg Walker 8
Sharpening Tools and Comments Allen Duffield 14
Michael's Letter Openers Bernard Levine 17
Knifemakers Guild Show KW Staff 20
Cutlery Trade Journals Dennis Ellingsen 22
November 1987
Courthouse Whittler Dennis Ellingsen 1
Gold Knives Bill Karsten 1
Bartrug Ashley Forge Ruth Trout 8
Edge Bevel Width Allen Duffield 14
Spyderco's Clipit Folders Steven Dick 16
Ranger Knife that Never Was Fred Bratmon 25
Vantage Belt Buckle Ronald Pearlman 27
Lindbergh Commermoratives Kurt Moe 28
December 1987
A Cardinal Christmas Joe Seale 1
Cleston Sinyard B.R. Hughes 1
Today's California Corkscrew Jim Richards 6
Case XX Changer Jim Richards 8
Arms Expo 1987 Jim Phillips 15
Knives: Family Treasures Charlie K. Brown 18
Display of the Knife Ronald Pearlman 24
A Christmas Story Dan Sellard 25

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