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Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

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January 1984
The "Elephant's Toenail" Joe Seale 1
The Length of the Blade B.R. Hughes 1
History of Hallamshire Tom Sewell 13
Knives Among My Souvenirs James Laycook 16
Angus Arbuckle 1924-1982 R.C. Hogenson & Steven T. Gross 18
Tale of the Talwar Phillip Krumholz 22
Writer and Knives Phillip Cristantiello 23
Punchy Over Punches Dennis Ellingsen 24
First Swiss Knife Show George Sherwood 27
Dark Dive Charlie K. Brown 29
February 1984
The Little Mesters Tom Sewell 1
Garry Vann Ausdle Jim Phillips 1
Wolves at the Door Charlie K. Brown 9
Cleston Sinyard James R. Richards 14
Cattaraugus Razors Kurt Moe 18
Third Generation from Schrade Mac Overton 20
Help a Puma Emigrate Jim Williamson 24
Forging vs. Stock Removal Phillip Wildewood 25
Factory vs. Custom W.C. White 26
Atlanta Cutlery Kukri David Steele 29
March 1984
The Eighty-Five Dollar Knife Butch Winter 1
Beantown's Best - D.S.K. Knives Cindy Rabb 1
A Folding Lockback Comparison Fred Steel 8
Designing a Knife Barry Wood 14
The Hatchet Man Frank Dean 16
Der Deutsches Bundswehr Messer Jim Williamson 18
A Feeling for Felt Knives Dennis Ellingsen 29
April 1984
The Handsome 'Hobo' Joe Seale 1
The Knives of McBurnette Harry McEvoy 1
The Butterfly Invasion Philip Pankiewicz 8
Clauss Cutlery Razors Kurt Moe 14
Cutlery Comedy Willard Oremus 18
With a Thong in my Heart B.R. Hughes 23
May 1984
Crossed Daggers & Heart & Pistol Tom Sewell 1
Knifemaker George Guthrie Fred Steel 1
Germanic Sheath Knives Jim Williamson 7
Bechtler Mint Knife Club James W. Hudson 14
Surgery at 40 Fathoms Charlie K. Brown 15
Fighting Knives of the Far East Michael Kluever 18
Swedish Barrel Knife Teresa & Richard Stein 21
George W. Korn Patents Kurt Moe 26
The Edge Tester Mac Overton 28
She Called Me Sonny Phil Krumholz 29
June 1984
Profile of a 'Peanut' Joe Seale 1
The Splitting of Hairs B.R. Hughes 1
Kit Carson Hammons Butch Winter 7
Real Bear of a Randall Knife Charlie K. Brown 14
Another Time, The Knife Phillip Wildewood 16
Shunts of Hong Kong Houston Price 18
Razors and Accessories Kurt Moe 27
Commander George Balch James D. Blackburn 30
Black Gold Jim Phillips 32
July 1984
Knife Pistols Bill Karsten 1
Knifemaker Steve Fecas Butch Winter 1
News from Shaver Corp. Frederick Welk 6
Rare Case Knife Markings Allen P. Swayne 8
Almost a Big Bear Bob Arganbright 14
Chopstick Wizardry Frank Dean 18
The Ultimate Japanese Blade Charles Lorditch 20
Cutlery with a Unique Origin Fred Steel 22
Landers, Frary and Clark Richard M. Dutton 26
Frost-Cargill Sidelock Glen Lambert 28
William W. Harsey Bernard Levine 38
August 1984
Blades of Buzz Travelbee Harry McEvoy 1
A Trip through Solingen Edgar T. Matherly 1
Ward & Yale Safety Razors Kurt Moe 6
Protecting Your Samurai Swords Bernard Levine 7
Gerber Lengendary Blades Houston Price 13
Bladesmithing Goes to College B.R. Hughes 18
S.A. Daggers Symbolized Power Phillip Krumholz 20
Silver Steel Blades Richard Dutton 23
Colorado Dynamite Knife Skip Bryan 27
Weyer's "Points of Interest" Houston Price 29
Defense Knives for Ladies Butch Winter 32
September 1984
Pioneers & the Premium Stockman Joe Seale 1
Knifmaker Bill Luckett B.R. Hughes 1
Razor or Fountain Pen? Kurt Moe 9
Indonesian Fighting Knives David Steele 14
Going, Going, Gone Jim Phillips 18
Randall's Model 5 Jim Williamson 20
Claude Williams' Barlow Skip Bryan 25
Life Expectancy of Knives Philip Cristantiello 27
Governor Signs Knife Proclamation Joe Seale 29
Fred James of Sheffield Tom Sewell 30
October 1984
The Physician's Knife M.R. Herron 1
Knifesmith Mike England Charlie K. Brown 1
The Assassin's Blade Eiler Robert Cook 6
Hunt with a Throwing Knife Harry McEvoy 7
A Son's First Hunting Knife Phillip Krumholz 15
Jimmie Buckner James Blackburn 18
Knife Shows a Bore? W.C. White 22
Remington's 1984 Knives Jim Williamson 23
Awe Shucks - Oysters Dennis Ellingsen 25
November 1984
George Wostenholm & Sons Razors Kurt Moe 1
Knifemaker Joe Flournoy Butch Winter 1
Bareback Buckskin Rider Charlie K. Brown 8
Pruning Knives Revisited Teresa Stein 14
How to Find Old Knives Richard Dutton 16
Fillet Knives Jim Williamson 18
Those Dang Half Tangs Willard Oremus 28
Swordmaker to the Samurai Jim Phillips 29
First Monday Means Knives! Kenn Simpson 32
Space Age Folders Jim Richards 34
December 1984
Camp Knives David Steele 1
True Man - True Knife Joe Seale 1
World's Smallest Knife C.H. Price 8
Dress Sidearm of Hitler's Police Phillip Krumholz 13
Murphy Combat Knives Dave Murphy 15
Imperial's Double Eagle Butch Winter 18
New Knifemaker - Richard Stafford B.R. Hughes 24
Knife Princess of the Northeast Dennis Ellingsen 27

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