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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 1983.

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A selection of our favorite articles from this period can be found in the book The Best of Knife World, Vol. III.

Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

Articles on straight razors, safety razors, and shaving related subjects may be found in The Razor Anthology.

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January 1983
Title Author Page
How to Make a Folding Knife Blackie Collins 1
Combinations Bill Karsten 1
Dave Murphy Blades Bob Bents 6
Geo. Wostenholm and Sons Razors Kurt Moe 8
The Barracuda Jim Williamson 13
American Bladesmith Society B.R. Hughes 14
A Word to Knife Dealers Fred Steel 16
A Rare Case Knife Alan P. Swayne 22
Unusual Pocketknives Harry B. Harris 24
February 1983
Folding Knife Series Part 3 Blackie Collins 1
A Visit with Kissing Crane Houston Price 1
Cripple Creek USA Knives Glen Lambert 8
Lt. Honor's Combat Knife Skip Bryan 14
The Bowie Knife Butch Winter 24
Are Knife Collectiors an Endangered Species? Fred Steel 32
March 1983
Meriden Cutlery Company Richard Dutton 1
Rocky Mountain Bladesmith Jim Phillips 1
A Comparison of Knives Fred Steel 7
Schmidt & Ziegler Knives Harry B. Harris 14
Folding Knife Series Part 2 Blackie Collins 15
From Therapy to Artistry Burton Miller 18
Folding Knife Series Part 4 Blackie Collins 29
April 1983
Candidly Speaking Dennis Ellingsen 1
Custom Cutlery of Cousino Harry McEvoy 1
Knives Deer Hunters Use Butch Winter 9
New Tricks from an Old Master B.R. Hughes 18
Folding Knife Series Part 5 Blackie Collins 22
Cassius Marcellus Clay Bill Karsten 26
Egyptian Designs Kurt Moe 29
May 1983
Is it Just Pretty? Gary Barnes 1
George Schrade Jim Blackburn 1
Knifemaker Wayne Clay Butch Winter 6
To Polish or Not? C.R. Lorditch 13
Get it at Ellery's Bernard Levine 14
Folding Knife Series Part 6 Blackie Collins 24
World of Collecting Knives Fred Steel 28
Knives in the Scagel Tradition Glen Lambert 30
Aerial Cutlery - A History Houston Price 36
June 1983
Wade & Butcher Kurt Moe 1
Knifemaker Doug Rial Butch Winter 1
Jungle Knives David Steele 7
Chief Joseph Brant Bill Karsten 13
How Hard is this Blade? Rob Brown 26
So You Want to Collect Knives Glen Lambert 28
Start a Collection for Free (almost) Charles Lorditch 30
Switchblades James Blackburn 31
July 1983
Robert White B.R. Hughes 1
Cigars for the Winners Joe Seale 1
Knifemaking Dave Murphy 5
Electric Cutlery Razors Kurt Moe 8
Heirloom Quality - Al Mar Knives Houston Price 14
Old American Masters Glen Lambert 24
Ed Brignardello Lester Levinson 31
August 1983
Cutlery of Carl Schlieper Joe Dobbs 1
Texas Knives from Scotland Jim Williamson 1
Knife Sharpening Devices - A Comparison Fred Steel 14
Cutlery by Goodell Phillip Pankiewicz 18
The Badger by Schrade Bernard Levine 20
Engraving Your Knife Part 1 Houston Price 24
Ultimate Test of a Valachovic Knife Tony Tocci 28
Custom Knife Collecting Glen Lambert 32
Decomposing Celluloid & Rust Kurt Moe 36
September 1983
Fighting Knives? Butch Winter 1
Remington Bullets Mel Brewster 1
Fighting Knives of the Mid East Michael Kluever 7
Grooves or Ruts? B.R. Hughes 14
A Wrench of Squares Dennis Ellingsen 19
Ebony and Ivory Queens Kurt Moe 21
Knife Engraving Part 2 Houston Price 24
Howard Hill's Persuaders Leon Rubin 28
Grandpa and the Meredith Phil Krumholz 30
Precise International Glen Lambert 34
October 1983
Czechoslovakian Military Knives Lt. Col. Otakar Vrva & Robert Buerlein 1
Fruit Knife Identification Part 1 Bill Karsten 1
A Different Kind of Knifemaker B.R. Hughes 14
Cutlery Changes and Trends Fred Steel 16
Practical Damascus Don Hastings 20
Tradin' - A Texas Tradition Joe Seale 26
Awe Shucks- Oysters Dennis Ellingsen 34
Fight'n Rooster Cutlery Glen Lambert 36
November 1983
Pilgrimage to Hallamshire Tom Sewell 1
Bill Lung - Knife Accumulator Dennis Ellingsen 1
Learning to Scrimshaw Anita Dodson 7
Knives by Tompkins Lester Levinson 14
Fruit Knife Identification Part 2 Bill Karsten 18
Hammer In 1983 Jim Phillips 21
Bayonet Fighting David Steele 28
The Perfect Knife Phil Krumholz 30
Knifemakers Designs & Patents Glen Lambert 34
December 1983
Portrait of a Knifemaker B.R. Hughes 1
Tale of Two Knives James Blackburn 1
History of Hallamshire Part 1 Tom Sewell 6
Applegate-Fairbairn Jim Williamson 14
Handmade Knives by Holley Al Norlin 18
Wives and Knives Houston Price 20
Damascus Razors Kurt Moe 29
Sharks & Shark Knives C.P. Hoffmann 31
Unusual Knives Harry B. Harris 36

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