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Regular readers of KNIFE WORLD know that each monthly issue contains a wide variety of articles on subjects of interest to knife collectors, makers, and users. As a service to our readers who may wish to refer to previously published articles, we offer below this index to calendar year 1979.

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Military knife articles from this period may be found in Military Knives: A Reference Book.

Articles on straight razors, safety razors, and shaving related subjects may be found in The Razor Anthology.

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January 1979
Title Author Page
Mid-South Knife Collectors Assoc. Chattanooga Show Floyd D. Carey 1
Take a Look at the Blade Edward Y. Breese 5
Knives by Nolan B. R. Hughes 8
A Fighting Knife Burton Miller 16
How a Custom Knifemaker Selects His Personal Pocket Knife Burton Miller 18
A Ramblin' Remington Baby Bullet Skip Bryan 21
February 1979
The Knife on the Spam Can Jim Williamson 2
Commemoratives, Replicas And Working Knives Burton Miller 4
Jungle Knife Boyd Hill 5
How a Knife Collector Chooses His Personal Pocket Knife Butch Winter 7
Man as User and Collector Edward Breese 14
A Living Legend in Modern Cutlery, William F. Moran Harry McEvoy 19
Make Your Own Design for A Custom Knife Burton Miller 24
March 1979
The Knife Shop Sid Latham 7
The Shape of Hunting Blades B. R. Hughes 14
The Denver Whittler Skip Bryan 25
The Search Continues for the "Perfect" Pocket Knife Butch Winter 21
April 1979
A New Look at an Old Art Kris Angel 1
Jim Small Sid Latham 6
On Guard! B. R. Hughes 12
The Pocketknife King of Tulsa Harry McEvoy 14
A Unique Texas Knife Skip Bryan 24
Olsen?s Collection Burton Miller 25
Green's New Shop Marlow Grant 30
May 1979
Lo! The Poor Collector B. R. Hughes 5
The House of Blades Marlow Grant 5
Dowell's Funny Folder Butch Winter 7
Don't Lose Your Marbles Burton Miller 13
Knives That Shoot & Flaming Hatchets Harry McEvoy 15
SHOT Show Sid Latham 21
June 1979
H. Boker and the Boker Tree Brand Burton Miller 1
Catalogue Dialogue Mac Overton 8
Memphis' Double Edged Business Kris Angel 15
To Cap It All B. R. Hughes 25/TD>
Handcrafted Knife Larry D. Ablemont 26
July 1979
Why Knifemakers Fail Barry Wood 4
Dropped Point Hunters B. R. Hughes 5
The Alternative, Vasco Wear Butch Winter 7
Kansas City Here I Come Tom J. Ruby 13
In Comparison, U.S. / German Lockblades Jim Williamson 15
The Cutting Edge of Construction Earl Witsaman 22
Michigan Master Mike Leach Harry McEvoy 24
Knives of Scandinavia Burton Miller 29
August 1979
On The Move With Benchmark Blackie Collins 1
An Unusual Customizer Bob Dodson 1
George Sherwood - Engraver Jim Williamson 8
Barbee's Barb B. R. Huches 16
The Knife & Hunting in the Rocky Mountains Skip Bryan 18
In Search of the Caribbean Pocketknife Richard Stein 20
Bo Randall, Knifemaker Burton T. Miller 25
Collecting & Using Knives Jim Williamson 31
September 1979
Frary Pocketknives - A Detective Story Part 1 Bernard Levine 1
Sunday Knives Kris Angel 1
Bill Duff - Nevada Cutler Burton T. Miller 9
A New Era In Blades Skip Bryan 15
Houston Happenings Don Hill 20
Rare Case Markings Allen P. Swayne 25
Robeson Cutlery Company 22
A Truly Practical Boot Knife Jim Williamson 31
October 1979
New Knives by Thorton Marlow Grant 1
Frary Pocketknives - A Detective Story Part 2 Bernard Levine 1
New Line of Knives Burton T. Miller 3
Leather and Handmade Knives B. R. Hughes 14
Trials of a New Knifemaker John McCormick 22
Sheath Knives Jim Williamson 32
Case Varieties J. R. Mills 35
Pruning Knives Teresa Stein 37
November 1979
Jimmy Lile: The Arkansas Knifemaker Burton T. Miller 1
Color Engraving Kris Angel 1
Bowie, The Man & the Knife B. R. Hughes 14
Salute to Buck Wendell Carson 18
Pride of Piedmont Harry McEvoy 20
Lee Folder Butch Winter 34
December 1979
Tennessee's Registered Coon Bob Dodson 1
The Cutler in Sculptor's Clothes Burton T. Miller 1
Civilian Defense Knives David Steele 13
Fakes Wendell Carson 17
New Talent, Gary L. Barnes Harry McEvoy 20
How Do You Tell A Good Knife? Bernard Levine 24
Charlie Jones - One of Eight Don Hill 34

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