How to Make Knives
by Richard Barney & Robert W. Loveless

Co-written by a world-famous knifemaker, this is far and away the most popular book ever written on the art of knifemaking. A frequent choice of first-time makers and those 'just interested,' this book covers all aspects of making fixed blade knives and is perfect for beginners and veterans alike.

Section I - About Knifemaking
-1- A History of Handmade Knives
-2- Safety Starts With Your Frame of Mind

Section II - How to Make Knives
-1- How to Make a Knife by the Stock Removal Method
-2- Making a Sheath
-3- Making a Knife at the Moran Forge
-4- How to Make a Knife With Hand Tools

Section III - Alternate Methods
-1- Flat Grinding
-2- Soldering the Guard
-3- Solderless Guard
-4- Hidden Tang
-5- Applying Scale Handles
-6- Mirror Polishing

Section IV - The Tools and Supplies of Kniifemaking
-1- Tools
-2- Materials
-3- Knife Design
-4- Sources of Services and Materials

How to Make Knives
by Richard Barney & Robert W. Loveless
Softcover, 182 pp.

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