The History of Dollar Knives
by David Krauss with David Clark

An illustrated booklet on the knives produced under this Schatt and Morgan related brand name. Interesting reading!

Reviewed by Knife World Staff

Here’s a nice little booklet on an interesting vintage brand of American pocketknives that really hasn’t received its due over the years – the “Dollar Knife Co.” knives produced by Schatt & Morgan.

Printed on nonacidic paper stock with a nice color cover, this booklet is a revised and expanded version of an important article with the same title, published in the October, 2004 issue of KNIFE WORLD. That piece presented to the collecting world a great deal of new information on the Dollar Knife brand, which had previously been thought to be simply a line of inexpensive knives with celluloid handles and celluloid shields produced and offered by Schatt & Morgan. Krauss and Clark’s research revealed there to be much more to the story: three phases of Dollar Knife companies stretching from Oklahoma City to Atlanta to Titusville, Pennsylvania, home of the firm that made them all. The notion of all – or even some – of the knives having celluloid shields was challenged, and the research to back it up well presented. This is the sort of quality research that continues to move knife collecting away from the land of flea market horders, further towards the category of well-studied antiques.

Though the text is not substantially different than that previously published, anyone interested in the subject will find this booklet well worth the small price tag. For one, the format is more conveniently accessed; and the bright white paper allows the photographs to be printed at a higher resolution for better clarity. It also fits conveniently on the bookshelf, for ready reference or casual reading. If you like the classic knives by Schatt and Morgan, or their successor Queen Cutlery, it’s an informative and enjoyable read.

The History of Dollar Knives
by David Krauss with David Clark
Softcover, 28 pp.

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