Frequently Asked Questions
Re: Delivery/Subscriptions

Why can't I find KNIFE WORLD at my local bookstore/supermarket/etc.?
KNIFE WORLD is available by subscription only, you won't find it on newsstands. A couple of cutlery shops do carry it by special arrangement -- Heimerdinger's in Louisville, KY is one; but for the most part the only way you can get a copy of KNIFE WORLD is to subscribe.

When Will My Subscription Expire?
The expiration date of your subscription can be found in the printed address "label" on the cover of KNIFE WORLD. The line above your name will read something like:
12345 EXPIRES DEC 2015
...Where "12345" is your subscription number and "DEC 2015" is the last issue of KNIFE WORLD you'll receive on your current subscription.

When Should I Expect Each Issue?
All KNIFE WORLD issues are mailed out on the same day via USPS Third Class mail (see our Publishing Schedule.) Subscribers should receive each edition by the second Friday of the issue month (i.e. the January issue by the second Friday in January.) If you have not received your copy by that time, please contact us for a replacement.

I Just Subscribed, When Will My First Issue Arrive?
Your subscription (or trial subscription) will begin with the next monthly edition of KNIFE WORLD. Please allow 3-7 weeks for delivery of your first issue, depending upon when you subscribed relative to our publishing schedule.

I Received a Renewal Notice Before My Trial Subscription was complete!
Our renewal notice often arrives before the second issue of a trial subscription (we're giving you plenty of warning, so you can continue your subscription without missing an issue.) Don't panic, you'll get the issues we promised! You can verify this by comparing the "EXPIRES" date above your printed address with the issue month on the cover.

My Issues Aren't Arriving by the Second Friday Each Month.
What Can I Do?

We have encountered VERY few delivery problems since moving our printing and mailing facilities to Missouri a couple of years ago. But if you do experience recurring delivery problems and the address on your label is precisely correct (check this first!), we ask that you initiate a complaint with the U.S. Postal Service. This complaint has to come from you, the addressee.

You will want to explain to USPS that you are not receiving this Third Class Mail periodical in a timely manner. KNIFE WORLD is currently being mailed from Louisiana, MO 63353 and our mailing dates can be found on the right hand side of the publishing schedule here.

To contact USPS by phone (24/7), call 1-800-275-8777, press "1" for English, then "5" for more options, then "5" again to speak with an agent.

To contact USPS online visit this link: eMail USPS. Fill out the form with your complaint, and Select topic: Delivery / Delay of Mail before clicking SUBMIT at lower right.

Phone Orders: 1-800-828-7751

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