The Collector's Guide to Switchblade Knives
by Richard V. Langston

This book is the first title for switchblade knife collectors in over 20 years. Featuring photos, descriptions, and prices of more than 160 different examples, both American and foreign, this book is more than a historical guide and a detailed account of what collectors can expect to encounter - it's also a very useful price guide. The book you've been waiting years for!

Reviewed by Knife World staff

Switchblades: those fascinating flyers that flutter on the edge of legality. Before 1958 they were a convenience as well as a nifty bit of gadgetry, but with the passage of the switchblade act and the knife collecting boom that followed, switchblades have become a collectible that grown men flock to with childlike enthusuiasm.
In spite of this large, if somewhat underground, following, little has been published on the subject in book form, and nothing for collectors since An Introduction to Switchblade Knives (1982). Now, author Richard Langston has contributed The Collector?s Guide to Switchblade Knives, aimed squarely at collectors of the breed and those who aim to be ? a useful assemblage of general information, history, advice, collector values, and a photo gallery of automatic knives.
Langston?s book begins by providing the reader with some useful background information, such as an overview of the switchblade, styles and mechanisms, brief histories of this country?s most important switchblade manufacturers, and some switchblade brethren such as gravity and butterfly knives.
This is followed by the heart of the book: over 170 knives, illustrated front and back and accompanied by detailed descriptions, comments, and both ?mint? values and those for the particular knives illustrated. These knives run the gamut in desirability and condition, and the photography is adequate.
It?s important to note that this book focuses largely on the mainstream of American-made switchblades such as those by Schrade, Press Button, Flylock, and Shur-Snap, and not on the Italian stiletto type nor the well known German lever-style. Still, there?s a little something for everyone with a hankerin? for spring steel, and if you like the American standards it will be a valued addition to your bookshelf.

The Collector's Guide to Switchblade Knives
by Richard V. Langston
Softcover, 210 pp.


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