The $50 Knife Shop by Wayne Goddard

This 2nd edition features COLOR PHOTOS throughout -- probably the best photography ever featured in a knifemaking book!

BOOK REVIEW (of first edition)
Reviewed by Knife World staff

Admit it. Every one of us has felt the urge to make a knife at one time or another. To some, this is merely an aspiration, while others have reworked an old knife or made one from a kit. Still others have advanced to making one or two from scratch, and a few were hooked after their first attempts and have gone on to make anywhere from a few to a few hundred knives a year. Today, those ‘few’ individuals number in the hundreds!

If you fit into any one of the above categories, Wayne Goddard’s $50 Knife Shop holds something of interest to you. While ostensibly intended for those with the desire to give knifemaking a try on a poor man’s budget, there’s a lot more to it than that. This book is a great collection of ideas, tips, and tricks from a fellow that’s been making knives for a long time, and I suspect that the creative approach Goddard applies to knifemaking will inspire you to create a few of your own.

The $50 Knife Shop is divided into seven chapters: The Beginning; The Forged Knife; The Stock Removal Method and Finishing; Backyard Heat Treating; Damascus Steel; Home Made Grinders; and Tribal Knifemaking. Most of these are self-explanatory; but it should be pointed out that the “Damascus” section goes into great detail on the making of cable damascus, and that “Tribal Knifemaking” in an interesting philosophy that revolves around making knives with a minimum of equipment and an economy of materials. Within each chapter, author Goddard wanders through the subject with entertaining tales of his experiences and conclusions, explaining the hows and whys of the subject at hand and encouraging the reader to try things for themselves.

This book is filled with useful diagrams and tables, and the photographs are generally of excellent quality. Best of all, the editor thoughtfully added an index so that those of us who can’t remember exactly where we saw something can quickly locate it again. A glossary is included as well. Wayne Goddard’s $50 Knife Shop should prove an enjoyable and much-used addition to the library of any knifemaker, tinkerer, or anyone with the aspiration to become one. Highly recommended.

Wayne Goddard's $50 Knife Shop by Wayne Goddard
Softcover, 160 pp.

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