Knives 2016
edited by Joe Kertzman

edited by Joe Kertzman. The 36th annual edition of the knife enthusiast's source for articles, photos, addresses, and information on your favorite custom and factory knives.

Knives 2016 - Features
Title Author
"Buy What You Like... That You Can Afford" Les Robertson
"Filigree, Inlay and Pique - Hot Knife Art Trio" Mike Haskew
"Who Are These Sharp Little Runts?" Pat Covert
"World's First Bloomery Steel/ Meteorite Razor?" Tim Zowada
"Wares of the Old World" James Morgan Ayres
"Color My Knife World" Wally Hayes
"The Three Amigos of the Buck Knives Line" Roderick T Halvorsen
"Fix Bayonets!" Edward R. Crews
"Inspired By Old Knives in His Collection" Joe Szilaski

Softcover, color and B&W illustrations, 312 pp.

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